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With the sunshine, start your camping and outdoor hunt with our solar tube without investing your money on gas and fuel.

HSG provide you the heat of the sun coverted into energy that give you healthy delicious cooking for  your meat, eggs, vegetables, frozen food in a smoke-free, fresh environment mouth watering eating for your health, If you use our thermal Grill tube, its heats upto 300 degrees centigrade.

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How Solar Grill work

It will take 20 minutes to get ready your meal

With the temperatures about 550°F / 290°C, and cook your food during cloudy and skies weather, the HSG is the best solution for free and easy cooking.

HSG compound parabolic reflectors and tubular tube converting upto 80% of all sun energy light directed it’s reflectors into usable high temperature heat.


outdoor Solar grill

Classy borosilicate, evacuated glass tube cooking chamber, two foldable parabolic reflectors that fold to safe the tube like a clamshell, a SS cooking tray, a rugged scrubby cleaner tool that is with the tray’s end.

For your reference and easy understanding, User Manual, Cook Booklet and SS carrying handles.

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Solar Grill Features

For your safety and health: We use SS304 food grade steel, its very healthy, Super health grade.

Modern portable: lightweight design, grill weight is just 1.5KG. Like complete kitchen in your hand.

Completly Environment Friendly healthy: without smoke, without flame, very very healthy cooking methods, looking fresh, looking Fresh incense, looking 100% nutrition.

Complete-feature’s: Easily boil your water and brew soup, easy to stew beef, rice and barbecue product’s, etc., 

Solar Grill Shop

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What are the delivery charges of the orders?

Depend on choosing the shipping company and quantity of the order

What payment method we accept?

We accept online payment to our Paypal account and we support T/T payment to our company Account for large orders

How long will delivery takes?

If you proceed order through DHL, Lead time is 8 to 10 days and if you go through normal shipping line will take 24 to 30 days

Do we support drop shipping?

We accept the drop shipping for client all over the world, If you interested, Contact us to get more information

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