Why Outdoor Camping is Good


Majority of people encamping because they are exhausted or either overtired of their daily routines and from the city as well. But they are just ready for the adventure. Whether you like seafaring, riding bikes or any other activity, outdoor camping provides you the way to completely concentrate on a hobby for a couple of days without any external disturbance.

Camping is an immerse experience or adventure whether it is parking your camper motorhome in a campground or set up a tent. Only campers can feel the rain, snow, wind and sunshine. People get to see the natural affections like, mountains, sea shores  etc. at different times of theirs lifes.

If you regularly camp out, you will have the benefit of healthy life style.

As in:

  • Fresh air
  • Socialization
  • Improved moods
  • Less stress
  • Exercise
  • Sunshine
  • A good night’s sleep
  • Good food
  • New challenges
  • Meditation


According to researchers:

A better sleep;

Research from the University of Colorado Boulder found that camping can reset our biological clocks and help those who find it tough to get to sleep.

Impact on child education;

A UK study from the Institute of Education at Plymouth University found an awe-inspiring majority of parents believed that camping had a positive impact on a child’s education.

 Increases your vitamin D intake;


The Medical Journal of Australia states that exposure to sunlight is the main source of vitamin D

Camping makes you happy;

Camping transcribe to an outstanding relaxed state of mind which lends itself naturally to happiness and cheerfulness just alike yoga or meditation.


Must have camping tools;

A reliable tent


Flash light

A handheld generator

Sleeping bags

First aid kit.

Sunscreen and sunglasses.

Life is better around the campfire

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