Solar Cooking

What is Solar Cooking?

Solar cooking is type of cooking food using nothing but the sun solar energy. Positive of solar cooker is that you are not dependent on any other types of gas, fuel and electricity.  So under the shining of sun light, you will not need to use your electric, gas, firewood, charcoal, or any fuel.  Keep all of those for cloudy days or nights.  100% environment friendly. because there is no smoke, you are not contributing any part to the pollution of the atmosphere.  Because there is no fire, solar cookers can be used in no burn areas and on no burn days. And no trees have to be chopped down to provide your fuel.  And in emergency situations where there is no fuel, or the fuel is gone, a solar cooker can still provide a hot meal.  Buy your solar grill just click here.

What is a Solar Cooker?

There are many kind if Solar Cooker grill, But this one is small and easy to use, You can carry this during your outdoor activities and be ready your food within 20 minutes. You can check below the feature of our products to know, why this is simple and easy to use

This is effective low budget cooker and can easily be put together in an emergency situation.

What can be cooked in a Solar Cooker Grill?

A solar grill cooker can cook, bake, boil and grill almost anything that can be cooked on the stove-top (except for frying), in the oven, in the microwave, or in a slow cooker. In fact, it is very much like cooking on firewood or charcoal.  Solar Grill cookers do not hot from outsize, but still cook very well  and can cook almost the same foods. Because parabolic reach such high temperatures, they can fry, and boil water within 20 min maximum time.

So come join us. Buy a solar oven grill or  build one yourself. Then check out with amazing offer.

Yes, that is a whole chicken roasting in a Solar cooking Grill.  So pick a recipe and let’s started cooking.

So Nice!

So Easy!

So Sun Shine!

Thanks for solar cooking.

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